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About Urban Connection

Urban Connection are a 100% employee-owned NZ based engineering consultancy with a strong local focus on transportation and management. We believe that strong communication and thorough understanding of the clients’ requirements are critical to tailoring our cost effective and innovative solutions.

With a strong team of engineers across New Zealand, with a depth of transportation experience and a passion for innovative technology, we work collaboratively and dynamically to stay a cut above the rest.

Currently our teams are based in Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown, but we work across NZ.

Working closely with private sector clients, local councils and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, we have built a first-rate reputation that has seen our team grow, our business expand, and our culture mature.

At Urban Connection we believe that the difference between a pragmatic and an impractical solution, is understanding the client’s expectations and constraints upfront, and collaboratively working towards a solution that is robust, efficient and of the highest quality.

Our Directors, Aaron Campion and Tony Harrison

We are a remote and flexible business

We operate a remote and flexible business. Our focus is on outcomes, and our team members choose how they deliver on these, with a choice of how they deliver, and working remotely, our team members have a strong focus on work life balance.

Together our team developed a remote, flexible, professional consultancy which by departure from the traditional office-based model has reduced Green House Gas (GHS) emissions in support of environmental and sustainability outcomes and delivered financial savings in addition to exceptional service. This has achieved; 

  • an offset in office and transport emissions equivalent to planting 2,162+ trees.  
  • individual travel time savings of 144hrs equivalent to $2,687 per year per person, and; 
  • business savings of $7,976 per person per year in lost sick days and office operating costs
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Equivalent trees
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Hours commuting saved
per employee p.a.
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Tonnes CO2 reduction

Urban Connection's Values

Our values underpin every aspect of our business. They were developed by our team, and not only reflect our company values, but also the personal values of our individual team members.

Whether we are working with our team, clients or partners our values are front of mind.