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Investigation & Reporting

Identifying and Solving Problems

Our team will work with you and your team to understand your challenges, goals and aspirations. Our ability to listen and work interactively with our clients has been highlighted in client feedback as one of our strengths which makes us stand out from the competition.

Whether it be a small scale initial scoping report or a large scale business case our team has the experience and track record to assist you. 

Scoping Reports

Sometimes the problem or issues are not clear, let alone the solution. 

Whether it be via a formal investment logic mapping workshop to determine problems and benefits or listening to our clients, we are often engaged to step back and take a fresh perspective to assess the issues and often develop the scope of work in simple and clear terms to allow a path forward to be determined.

Feasibility Assessments

Undertaking initial feasibility assessments or due diligence for projects is a key step to understanding the projects viability.

Our team works interactively in a staged approach with both private and public sector clients to assess the feasibility of projects and ensure that critical risks are identified prior to committing to further investigation and design. 

Site Investigations

A key step of pre-implementation is ensuring that the identified solutions can be implemented at that key risks  are identified and manageable. 

Our team is experienced in taking concepts through to detailed design and ensuring that there are no surprises at implementation. 

Our team undertake design from concept through to detailed design.

Business Cases

As both individuals and as a company we have prepared  a range of business cases, including programme, strategic, single stage and detailed cases.

Key reasons for our selection to deliver these has been our ability to right size the business case and to assemble best for project teams through our relationships with specialist providers.

We are highly valued in this area and are now undertaking dependent peer reviews on industry business cases cross NZ.