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Good Data and Analysis is Essential

Technology is changing quickly. Our team is encouraged to identify and utilise new technology and use it to add value to our clients and allow them to make better informed decisions. Good data does not need to be expensive, and the benefit of good data ultimately can provide cost benefits in the overall outcome or solution. 

UCL has partnered with AMAG ( to bring cutting-edge realtime road safety software to New Zealand. Under this strategic partnership, Urban Connection will act as the exclusive distributor for AMAG’s innovative AI-drive technology.

Combined with our existing UAV/Drone surveys we have the tools to address a wide range of traffic survey and road safety surveys.

Traffic Surveys

Our team can scope, implement and analyse UAV surveys. We are experienced in ensuring that flight plans are lodged and traffic management plans are approved for UAV work. Our UAV is powered by a tether system and can fly for long periods powered from the ground by a generator. This provides many advantages over traditional UAV systems.

We use a range of AI tools to process the UAV video footage to provide an accurate and lasting record of traffic counts and delay information.

Road Safety Driven by AI, powered by AMAG

Using near miss and critical conflicts to proactively measure risk, our collaboration with AMAG is set to revolutionise the way traffic incidents and trends are identified and addressed, making roads safer and more efficient and helping achieve vision of an Aotearoa where no one is killed or seriously injured on the roads.

AMAG’s cutting-edge software solutions, which leverage existing sensor systems such as video and LiDAR, analyse road user interactions and behaviours at a level of granularity and accuracy that previous sensors cannot achieve. The solutions provide invaluable real-time insights into the transportation system, particularly for vulnerable road users, enabling and facilitating proactive management, operations, and decision-making.

Spatial Analysis

We have undertaken a range of ‘big data’ and spatial analysis to assess large areas or corridors to identify and prioritise improvements. Through the mass calculation of the personal and collective risk, and development of a safety level of service based on the general flow crash prediction models contained within the Crash Compendium to the NZTA Economic Evaluation Manual.

This allows for quick and cost effective analysis of networks to assist in funding applications or to prioritise existing funding.

Travel Time and Speed Monitoring

All our team members have access to Google based tools which allows them to setup travel time and speed monitoring on any sites or corridors where they require data to inform their investigations and reporting.

This is an extremely cost effective method for determining speed environments, providing data to calibrate transport models, to understand travel time reliability or monitor the impact of projects or speed changes pre and post implementation.

Roundabout UAV Analysis

The complex dual lane 5 legged roundabout below was surveyed to determine entry and exit lanes and observe the frequency of certain conflicts which were perceived to be an issue.

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