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Traffic Engineering

How We Help

We work with property developers, local authorities and Waka Kotahi to provide investigation and design services for traffic engineering projects. Our team is pragmatic and has skills and experience in traffic engineering, geometric design and construction management which results in fit for purpose solutions.

Peer Reviews

We undertake peer reviews of traffic engineering reports and traffic impact / integrated transport assessments for local authorities and Waka Kotahi. With strengths in road safety, traffic engineering and transport planning we can provide robust peer reviews to guide our clients decisions.

Traffic Impact / Integrated Transport Assessments

From small scale subdivisions through to large scale commercial or industrial developments our team have you covered to support your consent application. We have undertaken 50+ such assessments over the past couple of years.

We understand district plans, council and Waka Kotahi requirements and often suggest a staged approach to mitigate risk for clients. Our team is experienced at presenting evidence at hearings to support consent applications.

Traffic Surveys

Traffic surveys are a key input into traffic analysis and our team has many years’ experience in undertaking, managing and processing surveys. To achieve high quality survey data we recommend the use of drones and AI video analysis which is then verified by our traffic engineers.

Traffic Modelling

Urban Connection has SIDRA intersection capabilities and has undertaken models for a range of private developments to assess the impact on the network and to test options on Waka Kotahi and local authority intersections range from seagull configurations through to complex roundabouts. We work with other supply partners to undertake signal design.

Intersection Design

We have experienced design managers and designers to undertake concept through to construction plans for projects ranging from minor intersection upgrades through to roundabouts.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is not only a key element of intersection design but is also utilised to check internal movements within developments or where developments interface with the roading network.