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Meet the team

Meet Our Expert Team

At Urban Connection Limited (UCL), we pride ourselves on listening and understanding our clients’ needs so we can deliver cost effective and innovative solutions. Our team is made up of people with diverse experiences and rich knowledge which enables us to understand our clients better and offer advanced yet practical solutions for every piece of work we are involved in, big or small. For more information about our awesome team keep reading.

Our Leadership Team

Aaron Campion

Technical Director

Aaron is one of the co-founders of UCL and is based in Hawke’s Bay. With over 20 years of experience in various work environments including consultancies and local governments in New Zealand and the UK, he understands the wider context of each of his projects which enables him to apply robust and practical transport engineering recommendations to each situation. As a nationally recognised safe systems expert, he is regularly asked to ensure safety and efficiency outcomes are achieved on projects and to advise on industry guidelines.

Jonno Fletcher

Principal Transport Engineer

Jonno is based in Christchurch and has over 18 years of experience in the design and delivery of transportation and civil infrastructure projects. He has operated within a variety of roles including design manager, safety manager, safety auditor and engineer’s representative. With his passion for road safety, ability to build relationships and his strong technical skills, Jonno is recognised as an expert in the industry for road safety engineering, particularly in the area of road safety audits.

Tony Harrison

Technical Director

Tony is one of the co-founders of UCL and is based in Hawke’s Bay. With over 30 years of experience, 15+ in management and 20+ in road safety, traffic engineering and project management, he offers a depth of knowledge and skills to every part of his work. Having experience with local government, consultancies and contractors he has built numerous relationships with a wide range of viewpoints and has a unique insight into New Zealand transport needs which enables him to offer valuable observations and advice on how to approach key issues.

Our Team


Ashu Kedia

Transport Engineer

Ashu is based in Christchurch and has over 6 years of academic and industry experience in transport engineering in New Zealand and India. One of his key skills is travel demand forecasting. His PhD in Transportation Engineering quantified the effect of increased online shopping on consumer’s urban travel demands. Having been published in numerous industry articles and presenting at several conferences Ashu brings sound knowledge in the latest industry academia and technical diligence to each of his projects.

DSC_4745 (3)

Fiona Chapman

Senior Transport Engineer

Fiona is based in Christchurch and has over 15 years of experience in the UK as well as New Zealand. Her experience consists of a wide range of investigation and reporting projects as well as the preparation of numerous business cases. She has experience with project management, economic analysis, and contract document preparation. Her extensive background has given her insight into different viewpoints of the industry, enabling her to deliver cost-effective ideas while also considering the wider impacts.


Jacques Steyn

Transport Safety Engineer

Jacques is based in Christchurch and has over 9 years of experience in road safety engineering, traffic engineering, and transport planning. With his technical diligence and background in design management and safety investigation, Jacques proactively identifies potential issues within each project and applies a safe system approach to inform decisions around these issues. He also has a strong passion for technology and leads the UCL focus on developing and utilising technical tools to assist clients and internal projects.


Jaspreet Singh

Civil Engineer - Transportation

Jaspreet is based in Hawke’s Bay and has a unique background as a Site Traffic Management Supervisor. As part of the UCL team, he is working on traffic impact assessments, safety audits and civil design. His invaluable experience in managing numerous risks and elements as a site manager coupled with his degree in BE Civil and Post Graduate Diploma in Highway Engineering gives him the ability to offer a rare and valuable view of the bigger picture to each of his clients and their projects.

IMG_6923 (4)

Helen Harrison

Business Administrator

Helen has been with UCL for over 3 years as the Business Administrator. With over 20 years experience in law enforcement and investigations she Helen has a strong focus on process and compliance. She is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business and project administration. As a valuable part of the team, Helen keeps everything working as it should, with a particular focus on ensuring our suppliers are managed and holding the role of our Privacy Officer.


Ken Holst

Senior Transport Engineer

Ken is based in Hawke’s Bay and has over 30 years of experience in a wide range of transport projects including creating crash reduction studies, conducting road safety audits, and implementing road safety management. He has a background in geometric design which makes Ken ideal for undertaking safety audits for rural and urban transport projects. Ken also understands client requirements related to developing adjacent roading networks, which enables him to provide invaluable insights for traffic impact assessments.


Matheus Boaretto

Transport Engineer

Matheus is based in Hawke’s Bay and has over 15 years of experience in Brazil and New Zealand in traffic and transport engineering ranging from highway design to safety audits to technical assessments. Since joining UCL, Matheus has undertaken a variety of projects including speed management technical assessments, safety audits, and integrated transportation assessments. His eye for design and range of project experience has given him a solid foundation from which he leads and contributes valuable results to each of his projects.


Steve James

Principal Safety Engineer

Steve is based in Wellington and has over 30 years experience in transport planning, road safety and traffic engineering. He has joined UCL from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency where he has been the Senior Road Safety Engineer working across the Marlborough, Nelson, Tasman and Wellington Regions. He is a passionate advocate for improved safety for all users of the transport system. Steve has taken an active role in developing and leading the Shiny Side Up motorcycle safety programme.


Vicki Campion

Executive Assistant

Vicki has been with UCL for over 3 years and is the Executive Assistant to Tony and Aaron as well as the HR Manager. Vicki has a strong background in HR, with various management positions held in the UK and NZ. She ensures the team are well supported and our culture is strong to support our highly valued remote working environment.