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Design and Construction Management

Getting things design and built

Our team is experienced in undertaking designs from concept through to detailed design / construction status. We have experienced in state highways, local authority and private sector projects. These projects both urban and rural projects, including area wide treatments, roundabouts, signalised intersections, safety projects and barrier design.


Our designs utilise 12D and CAD to take designs from concept through to construction. Our team of design managers and designers bring real world construction experience to our client’s projects which result in benefits in terms of cost, functionality and constructability.

Contract Documentation

Our team is experienced in NZS 3910 and contract preparation. From preparing schedules, estimates and full contract documents our team have you covered. The benefit of our team being experienced in design and construction management flows through to us producing robust contract documents.


Construction Management / MSQA

Nothing beats experience when it comes to construction management / MSQA. Our team has a ton of experience managing multidiscipline civil works and transport projects. 

Our team is responsive to both the contractors and client’s needs.

Vehicle Tracking

Our team has experience undertaking vehicle tracking for both roading and private sector projects. This includes intersections, internal roading networks and carparks. 

We have undertaken UAV surveys of heavy vehicles tracking to allow us to understand the accuracy of tracking software verses real world situations.