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Speed Management Panel

UCL were appointed to the Central and Southern Regions of the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Speed Management Panel in 2020.

The Speed Management Panel forms an important part of Waka Kotahi’s commitment to the national road safety strategy, by addressing issues of speed and reducing deaths and serious injury on New Zealand’s high risk roads. Urban Connection has added much value to the panel since its inception by providing local knowledge for projects throughout New Zealand, using innovative and smart solutions, and contributing heavily to systems and processes to help enable best practice.

“Urban Connection have been a very positive partner for the Speed Programme. We have learnt collaboratively the requirements of speed assessment. We are very happy with the quality of their work.”

Andrew Burdett – Speed Management Programme Lead, Waka Kotahi

To date our team has undertaken technical and feasibility assessments on 17 State Highway corridors totalling 1,300km. Our team has completed the design on 3 corridors with more corridors commencing  design shortly.

Jonno Fletcher, our Technical Lead on the panel,  explains: “A key tool we use is Mooven, utilising Google data to anonymise travel time and speed data to understand how drivers are using the roads. This helps us to understand what infrastructure changes may be required to get drivers to align with the proposed speed limit change.

“Other examples are the tools and templates developed by our team. Waka Kotahi wants suppliers to work collaboratively and share knowledge. Even though Urban Connection is the smallest company on the panel we have contributed heavily to best practice. Our technical assessment reports have been shared and we have developed tools to make producing the assessments more streamlined and efficient.”

“The client also liked our monthly reporting tool for tracking both costs and programme so much they requested that all the panellists use it”