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Tairāwhiti Safety Audit Programme

Connecting Tairāwhiti is a programme of construction projects across the northern Hawke’s Bay and Tairāwhiti regions designed to make the regions’ roads more resilient and safer for drivers. The programme includes passing opportunities, mobile phone lay-bys and resilience projects.

Within the Connecting Tairāwhiti programme is a package of works called the Tairāwhiti Roading Package, funded by the National Land Transport Fund and the Provincial Growth Fund, with a combined allocation for state highway projects totalling $59.2 million. Urban Connection are responsible, under the leadership of Aaron Campion, for coordinating and undertaking the safety audits across the entire package of works. To date our team has completed over 25 safety audits, with the overall programme expected to be 60+ audits.

As part of our role Waka Kotahi requested that Aaron identify and develop other individuals in the industry in order to upskill the industry and transfer his expertise to aspiring safety engineers.

Mohaka Viaduct Slow Vehicle Bay

We have introduced a new stage to the process with UCL undertaking a final check on draft construction plans to ensure all items raised in the audits leading up to that stage have been addressed in the final design prior to construction commencing.

UCL has received an interim PACE of Exceeding Requirements for this programme of work.