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Westside Healthcare ITA

In 2019 UCL prepared the Integrated Transport Assessment for this $70m 10,000mprivate medical centre in Hastings. The scope included drone surveys, trip generation assessment, assessment of impact on adjacent intersections, assessment of parking, vehicle tracking for the internal layout, interfaces with the adjacent roading network and recommendations for mitigation of effects. Our team worked closely with the client, project manager and architect on this high profile project which is located immediately opposite the Hawke’s Bay Hospital in an area of high traffic and parking demand. Based on our performance UCL was engaged to prepare the Stage 2 ITA in 2020.

A key element of the project success was our understanding of Council requirements and ensuring our ITA addressed these issues. As a result of this no additional traffic or transport information was requested during the s92 process.

When preparing Traffic Impact Assessments and Integrated Transport Assessments we like to work in an open and staged manner with our clients to provide the appropriate scope. In this case we highlighted that depending on the traffic count data and trip generation numbers that a SIDRA model maybe required. Rather than price this as a lump sum item we allowed a provisional sum to be reviewed upon gaining a better understanding of the project as it evolved. Ultimately it was not required, saving the client money, and 1st principle traffic absorption calculations were deemed appropriate.